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  We all have to deal with unpleasant people every now and again – rude, cross, selfish or spiteful people – and even if they’re doing it accidentally, or it’s not actually about you, you can still take quite a knock from it. 

But you might be surprised at how easily you can change your reaction.  This technique accesses the parts of your thinking outside your normal awareness - the parts which shape your experience and responses, where you can boost your natural resilience and make lasting change, almost instantly. 

Here’s what Laura experienced  “I was having a real problem with a senior colleague:  Every time our paths crossed he was rude.  I found myself dreading having to speak with him, and finding ways to avoid it, which was starting to get in the way.  Sue taught me how to imagine my shields, so that instead of getting cross or upset I can stay completely calm and centred – and anything which he sends my way can simply bounce off.  Now I can get on with enjoying my work.” Laura, Liverpool

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