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More about your thinking process

Did you know that your thinking has a process?  It’s generally the content and the effects (how it makes us feel) that get all our attention, and we leave the process to do its own thing.

The vast majority of your thinking is automatic.  Imagine the distraction if your brain made you aware every time it tweaks your blood pressure or your temperature; or described to you exactly how you digest your food.  You don’t need to know.

So these automatic routines keep us functioning; but every now and again, your brain picks up one which is less helpful – like an anxiety or fear response which, though it’s illogical (and sometimes highly disruptive), runs just as automatically as your digestion.

This coaching will teach you the skills to change your automatic programmes, simply and effectively.  It’s like being able to go into your own brain software, right at the code level – so the change is sometimes instant.


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