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Are you getting ready for an operation?

Having an operation can be a stressful time, even if you're well prepared.  There's a lot to organise, especially if you'll have to stay in hospital, and it takes time to fully recuperate.  Add to that the uncertainty of how it will go, and many people find it starting to get overwhelming - it's completely natural, but not the best foundation for effective healing and recovery.

This short programme will help you to prepare:  You'll learn the powerful skills of

Easy relaxation, naturally reducing the experience of pain as well as emotional discomfort

Effective mental rehearsal, so you can harness the power of your imagination positively throughout

Pain management and self-anaesthesia to help throughout your preparation and recovery

Get in touch for the skills to make it as smooth as possible

"I’ve always hated hospitals – so much so that I couldn’t even visit other people.  When I was diagnosed with a serious bowel condition, requiring major surgery, I was naturally very anxious.  Sue taught me how to stop the anxiety, so that I was comfortably relaxed by the time I had my final tests and operation.  She also taught me self-anaesthesia to control the pain.  After my surgery I was given self-administered morphine, and the staff kept checking the pump thinking it was broken, because I didn’t need it. The surgery went well and I made a full recovery.  Thanks Sue for making a difficult journey so much easier than it might have been." David, Wigan




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