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Would you like less stress?



Trying to manage stress can be hard work.  Resolve one, and another pops up to take its place.  It's exhausting!

Stress is complicated, but the solutions don't need to be - because you don't always have to change what's causing the stress to stop its effects

If you're ready for a better solution than managing, then you're in the right place


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“Stress used to floor me – there were times that I’d have to cancel all my appointments and just lie down.  I thought that feeling frantic was just par for the course, and I wasn’t prepared to do anything which might reduce my drive and focus.

But when I’d had to pull over my car and be taken to hospital, because I couldn’t see properly, I knew I had to do something.  After a couple of sessions with Sue I’ve stopped always looking for the next problem.  I’m still just as driven, but I feel cleansed somehow.  It’s made such a big difference”  Lesley, Southport

“My job’s really stressful, and that used to build up until easy situations became a big challenge – even meeting up for a drink with a friend could get me so anxious that I’d have a panic attack. 

With the skills I’ve learned, I feel so much better, and stronger.  The wobbles are much less severe, and less frequent.  I’m much more comfortable, knowing I can deal with them.  I only wish I’d come to see Sue sooner!”  Zoe, Liverpool