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Would you like your anxiety gone?



Anxiety's designed to keep you safe - making you pay attention to what you need to do (or avoid), and getting you ready to deal with potential threats.

But when anxiety starts to outstrip the situation, it can get really disruptive

Perhaps you've tried talking yourself round, or telling yourself to get over it.  But giving it all that extra energy can actually make it worse.  There's an easier way


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“My anxiety had been building for ages.  I wasn’t sleeping, and I had to force myself to get up in a morning – it felt like a big fist, knotted in my stomach.  My throat always felt tight and often sore, affecting my voice.  If I had to go out, even to meet friends, I’d get so worked up that sometimes I wouldn’t go at all.

After only a few hours with Sue, life is AMAZING.  I feel calm and light, I’m sleeping much better, with no problems getting up and going.  I’m going out without giving it a second thought, and enjoying myself when I get there.  The knotted fist feeling is completely gone.”  Belinda, Wigan

“Stress and anxiety were a big part of life.  It came to a head when I got so anxious that I had to call in sick, having had no sleep at all. 

My GP introduced me to Sue.  After my first session, my sleep started to improve, and I was more comfortable facing the challenges of my training. After a few hours learning these new skills, my life’s now anxiety-free!”  Alastair, Liverpool