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Would you like freedom from your phobia?



Do you have something which you avoid, no matter what?  Maybe the very thought of it make you feel sick...

Surprisingly, it's not the thing itself which you're scared of - that's why you can feel dreadful just by thinking about it.  It's your thoughts which are scaring you

But you don't have to face that fear head-on to get it gone for good


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"Sue helped me overcome my fear of needles – before my session, I couldn't stand the mention of the word, and now they don't bother me at all” Angela, Liverpool

“My fear of flying was affecting my life, as in every job, I’ve been asked to travel. When I’ve not been able to avoid going, I’ve had a horrendous time with panic and anxiety, in the airport and during the trip.  It’s became the deciding factor for handing in my notice before now.  I booked a holiday with friends, got as far as the airport check-in and couldn’t handle it – I went home and lost all of money I’d paid for the holiday. 

I’ve just returned from a trip to Lithuania - I didn't freak out at any point! I was still a little nervous before hand, but I did it comfortably once in the airport.  Thank you so much – the simple techniques which you taught me have enabled me to travel comfortably”  Amber, Wirral