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Managing your pain

Pain has an important function in protecting your body from damage - it can be a warning that something needs attention; so it’s vital to get medical checks before seeking other support.

For pain that's already done its job in alterting you, intervention may be needed – medication is always an option, and it can keep you going while you heal or wait for whatever needs to happen next:  But it may be only partially effective, and can have side effects.  It doesn't take long for pain to get in the way of comfortable sleep, and day to day enjoyment - so it's always worth having some additional skills to manage it yourself.

Wherever the pain’s source in your body, the pain signals have to reach your brain to be registered. I can teach you ways to change these signals; which can help you to reduce pain’s effects and live your life unhindered.

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“I sometimes get severe headaches, which make me feel sick, and make it almost impossible to carry on as normal.  On one such day, Sue taught me how to neutralise the headache completely (it’s now in a box at the bottom of the Mersey!).  I’d barely made it into work, and within half an hour I was feeling fine, and able to carry on comfortably with my day.  What she taught me is really simple, and I’ve used it several times since to stop headaches in their tracks. I don’t always have to reach for tablets and wait for them to work. I feel empowered that I can stop the headache using this simple technique.” Elaine Halliday, Liverpool




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