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  Has anything ever upset you or wound you up, and it keeps replaying in your mind?  This is how to switch off that action replay.  It’s not the event itself making you feel bad, but the way it’s still showing up in your thinking.  This is much easier to change than you might have thought, though perhaps no one’s shown you how to yet.

It’s not about changing the opinion you hold of whatever happened, or the experience which it gave you; but about de-coupling the emotional trigger which it still has.  It’s a bit like getting into your own mental software right at the code level, and changing the bit which isn’t doing what you want; putting you comfortably back in control

You're just a few clicks away from accessing the skills to quickly let go of an event which has been making you boil, or bothering you - to switch off the mental action replay.

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 Boiling kettle

“I had a real problem getting over something that happened a few weekends ago and I was constantly remembering the issue and playing it over and over in my mind. Needless to say it making me feel unhappy, but I just could not get the incident out of my mind. I watched Sue’s 5 minute ‘To seethe or not to seethe - switching off the mental replay' and literally by the end of the video I had cleared my mind of the incident and even when I have thought about it since it no longer worries or bothers me. So a very big thank you Sue for making my problem go away.”  Basil, Wirral