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Exercise - Meet Future You

You might want to read this through first, to get a feel for the steps, then you can close your eyes and fully immerse in the exercise:  Take a few slow breaths.  Drop your shoulders, and relax.  Let your thoughts start to slow down.

Imagine you’re in a calming place – that might be walking through beautiful scenery, or relaxing in your favourite café.  Feel the place around you.  And as you notice what you notice about those surroundings, you’ll see a figure walking towards you.  You don’t recollect having seen them before, yet they seem oddly familiar.  They obviously recognise you too, because they approach you smiling broadly – then you realise it’s the you of the future.



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You greet each other warmly, utterly at ease in each other’s company.  After all, future-you knows you better than anyone – all your dreams and dislikes; your memories are theirs. What lies ahead for you, they’ve already lived.  And as you allow yourself to immerse in the enjoyment of their company, you can ask them anything you like. 

They speak with enthusiasm – happy to share their experience, and tell you exactly how it is, no holds barred.  Future-you speaks of challenges you’ve overcome, and draws your attention to where it’s needed – perhaps areas where you haven’t been showing up at your very best, and with their advice you can already feel the difference the insights are making.

Because of course, when you look back at already having had done something, it seems a lot less daunting or confusing than it did at the time – and that’s what their insight can give you.  They’ll readily share their experience, and ways to make the path even smoother.  And eventually, the time draws near for you to say your farewells, for now at least.  Future-you assures you that you can get together again, any time it’s useful.  There’ll always be a ready welcome and a frank exchange.  And as you part company, you can allow your awareness to start coming back into the here and now, fully back into the present, bringing with you all that experience and learning.

And take a few moments to reflect – how does that experience change things?  What are you going to do differently?

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