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5 Minute Mind Makeover - Think Slim, Eating Consciously

Welcome to the second of your 5 Minute Mind Makeovers - Think Slim – how to change your relationship with food, so that you can lose weight without dieting, by getting comfortably back in balance with what your body needs.

Having used the previous Think Slim Mind Makeover to set your mental satnav towards what you really want, you're ready to start setting new, healthy habits.  Conscious eating is all about allowing your food to engage your full attention while you eat, savouring the textures and flavours, and slowing down to savour the experience.

Full details are given in the step-by-step guide, on the link below.  Changing the way that you eat can feel a little awkward at first - stick with it, and it'll soon become second nature - leaving you free to enjoy both your food, and the new, slim you.

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Here's your step-by-step guide with the full details on Eating Consciously

Enjoy your new thinking skills

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