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What's Coaching?

The types of coaching are almost as diverse as the people doing it.  Everyone will have their own ideas and experiences; so let's start with what it’s not:

It’s not counselling, or going back to the roots of a problem to understand where it came from.  As Paul McKenna says, understanding is the booby prize:  We’re interested in how to change it - in developing a clear vision of what you want, and knowing how to get there.

It’s not therapy:  Especially in the UK, we have a perception that any kind of professional support means we’re somehow broken or weak.  Far from it – it’s expected that top performers in sport, entertainment and business have a coach (some have several) to help them excel; and you can too.

These days, there are coaches for almost anything:  Voice coaches, style coaches, life coaches, performance coaches, spiritual coaches, business coaches…..  So how do you choose who’s right for you?

What’s their track record - have they successfully supported people like you?  Are they qualified?  Are they flexible, offering a range of approaches to tailor to you?  A good coach will help you to access your own resources, see things differently and achieve your goals, while you retain full ownership of your results.  There’s no magic wand, they can’t do it for you; but they can support you to do it more smoothly and effectively. 

So if a tailored, targeted support is the boost you need to achieve your goals, get in touch and start your Fast and Lasting Change






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