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Clients' experiences


"My son’s problems started in junior school.  He’s had periods where he’s really struggled to concentrate or stay on task, and he started to worry all the time about his health, so was referred to therapy by his GP.  His health worries continued into senior school, seeing risk in everything.  Evenings were particularly bad – every night he’d come in with some kind of issue, convinced he won't wake up in the morning. 

He said he’d got more from his first session with Sue than from his full course of previous therapy, and he’s really taken to all the skills she’s taught him.  He seems more calm, and bedtime worries are less. Even when he's got a bit stressed about something, he's dealt with it better. Immediately after his sessions, he’s in the thick of exams, but he’s putting in the effort needed instead of letting his X-Box become a distraction."

Adam, Wirral

"My son’s transition to High School was a bigger challenge then any of us expected, and he began showing signs of anxiety.  Mornings were worst for him, with the anxiety sometimes bad enough to make him physically sick.  He would feel really anxious on and off throughout the day, and although he was managing to still go to school, it was starting to disrupt his learning.

After his first session with Sue, mornings were back to normal.  After his second, he was getting through every school day comfortably.  He took straight to each of the techniques she taught him and we’ve seen a big difference too."  Andrea, Liverpool

"The sessions you gave me have done wonders I'm back in school every day now! Because there's no longer a sickness feeling every time I arrive or think about school.  I can finally enjoy spending time with my friends without feeling isolated from everybody else in the room.

and your technique in dealing with annoying people has come in handy at school for sure!  I sleep very well now too, and people have even noticed the difference within me.  Your techniques have changed so many aspects of my life and I couldn't thank you enough!"  Megan, Wirral (anxiety had prevented her from attending school for the last few years) 

"I'd suffered a few close family bereavements in quick succession  and was feeling tired, stressed and anxious about my own mortality. This led to worrying about caring for my family in the future, I also had my finger on my self destruct button through mindless eating. My resulting poor health meant I needed help to find my way again.

I'd picked up Sue's leaflet from my GP's about two years ago, and even though admitting to a mental health problem caused even more anxiety I got in touch.  After a very short course with her ,and following some very simple steps,  I'm calm, and can control my fears and anxieties. 

I'm beginning to control my overeating by enjoying food for the right reasons - hard to believe from someone who always had their face in the trough!  I am so pleased to wake up in the morning with optimism instead of dread.  I will always be grateful to Sue for her help and wish I'd responded to her leaflet when I first got it.  I was extremely sceptical at first, and didn't think my angst ridden inner voice could ever be subdued, but it is now busy concentrating on things that matter and leaving me to think clear thoughts.

Don't ever be frightened of seeking Sue's help if you need it."  Jane, Wirral

"My daughter was struggling with her GCSE year.  As the exams approached, the stress and anxiety were starting to show in more and more ways.  I could hardly remember when we’d talked without it becoming a row – she didn’t even want any of us to look at her when we were in a room together.  And worst of all, she’d stopped eating almost completely.  When her weight plummeted to six and a half stone, I took her to the doctor, to be told that she had anorexia.  We were worried sick. 

I took her to see Sue, with no idea what to expect – we just had to do something.  By the second session, she’d started to eat again.  Sue gave her a range of skills, and some new insights, to clear the anxiety.  She started to feel happy again, which she wanted more than anything.  As that tension lifted, we all got back to being able to talk together.  She’s now so comfortable around food that she’s even got a part time job in a restaurant"  Anne, Wirral

"My GP put me in touch with Sue.  I’ve always had an explosive temper, but when it got to the stage that my kids didn’t want to get in the car with me, I realised it was going too far. I would regularly punch walls, smash light fittings and shatter remote controls (it gets expensive!), and the neighbours had recently threatened to called the police and Social services. I was referred to anger management training, but they referred me to the wrong place.

I was very sceptical about coaching, but nothing else had worked.  After my first session’s coaching with Sue, I felt the most relaxed I can ever remember.  Three weeks later I still haven’t had an outburst – I haven’t thought about it, it’s just stopped.  I’ve never gone anywhere near that long before.  So despite being hugely sceptical, it’s worked – no effort, just results."  Gary, Merseyside

"I can't believe it has been nearly 18 months since I came to see you.  It has been a roller coaster of a ride, and slowly and surely things have gone from strength to strength. I employ your techniques with great frequency (even have taught my 6 year old how to deal with bad dreams of freezing the scary picture in his mind, putting it in the picture frame and pushing it away. It worked so powerfully for him!)

I have taken far greater control of my life and am shortly about to set up my own business. Very exciting times.  Life is very good.  So many, many thanks for all your wonderful work you did with me all that time ago. It did, and still does work!!"  Fiona, Sheffield

“There’s someone I work with, who I instantly disliked.  I don’t generally hide my feelings very well, and I have to really watch what I say.  With the Shield 5 Minute Mind Makeover, I can get into the zone when I talk to him, so it’s with more of a smile than a grimace – and being only 5 minutes, it was easy for me to fit in”  Angela, Liverpool 

“Since having a few coaching sessions with Sue, I’ve completely changed.  My manager’s noticed the difference and asked me what happened. I was scared to even walk into a room full of people, and now I love standing up and presenting”  Catherine, Liverpool

“I sometimes get severe headaches, which make me feel sick, and make it almost impossible to carry on as normal.  One on such day, Sue taught me how to neutralise the headache completely (it’s now in a box at the bottom of the Mersey!).  I’d barely made it into work, and within half an hour I was feeling fine, and able to carry on comfortably with my day.  What she taught me is really simple, and I’ve used it several times since to stop headaches in their tracks. I don’t always have to reach for tablets and wait for them to work. I feel empowered that I can stop the headache using this simple technique.” Elaine, Liverpool

"Lewis (11 years) had worked very hard over the last 5 years, to prepare for his black belt in the Koran Martial art Tae Kwon Do.  He knew everything he needed, but each time he went into a mock exam, he went to pieces.  A week before the exam, his school gave him his final chance – if the same happened, they were going to withdraw his entry, which would have massively impacted his confidence.   In one session with Sue, she taught him to relax and switch off the stressful experience, and how to mentally rehearse the whole exam going exactly as he wanted. On the way back to the car he said “I wish the exam was tomorrow, I’m ready now”.  Not only did he ace the exam, he did so well that he was 1 of only 25 kids selected from across the country to compete in London a few months later."  Steve, Wirral

"I enjoyed your relax skills class and appreciate you teaching me those skills. As a result, I am sleeping better, have a calmer and more focused attitude to work and am generally much happier."

" I feel so much better and excited about the possibilities.  Loads of things I wanted to change are changing, and I'm so glad I did this"

"I saw you for help with smoking - OMG !!! really is like I have never smoked , impressed isnt the word. Thanks again - wish I had seen you years ago !"

'I’ve always hated hospitals – so much so that I couldn’t even visit other people.  When I was diagnosed with a serious bowel condition, requiring major surgery, I was naturally very anxious.  Sue taught me how to stop the anxiety, so that I was comfortably relaxed by the time I had my final tests and operation.  She also taught me self-anaesthesia to control the pain.  After my surgery I was given self-administered morphine, and the staff kept checking the pump thinking it was broken, because I didn’t need it. The surgery went well and I made a full recovery.

Thanks Sue for making a difficult journey so much easier than it might have been.'

'Amazing! A very unreal feeling, but with very real changes in my life.  I would recommend to anyone'

I have been to see Sue twice now and the money was well spent! The thing I like about Sue is that she is straight to the point and gets things done, not at all what I would call a "fluffy coach"

"Thank you for taking time to help me in my goal of losing weight. I am so happy that I can see the person I want to be, and with your help I'm choosing more healthy foods and losing weight week by week. I immediately felt thinner and was walking around more confident, proud and energised for the challenge ahead"

"I've suffered from social anxiety since I was 8, which escalated into anxiety and panic attacks as I got older, and has turned to bouts of agoraphobia.  After just one session you prepared me to deal with the symptoms in a natural way, which has increased my confidence in myself and the people around me.

In addition, after smoking for 20 years, I've tried gum and patches before but it was always too difficult to last more than a few days.  I was very happy how much easier you made it.  It's been 4 weeks and counting.

Attempting these 2 major life changes at once could have been too much to handle, however, the skills you've taught me can be used anywhere.  It only takes a few seconds to be OK, regardless of whether I'm at home, work, or out with friends.  Thank you"

"Even the most sceptical members of the team were convinced of the benefits after the session.  Everybody reported feeling really relaxed and this feeling lasted for a good few days.  The relaxation session was good fun and ideal for a team building event."

"Thank you so much sue for seeing me again at short notice.  I felt so much better after I left, had a wonderful sleep and have been  sleeping better since"

"Before my session with Sue I absolutely dreaded the thought of giving presentations. I would be so nervous I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat for weeks before. Now I prepare my presentation and when I am happy with the final product, don't think about it again until I am calmly walking into the room on the day. I actually enjoyed my last one and look forward to the next!"

"I highly recommend Sue as a coach.  She's a warm, caring person.  She helped me to identify my anxiety and to lose several limiting beliefs.  This has enabled me to pursue my own training and has opened a brand new future that I'd never have considered prior to working with her"

“Sue helped me overcome my fear of needles – before my session, I couldn't stand the mention of the word, and now they don't bother me at all”

“I stopped smoking with one session. I've had no cravings – it's like I'd never smoked”

“I saw Sue for confidence coaching, which worked really well.  What surprised me most is how much more relaxed I am in my day to day life – after a single session.  Things which used to really stress me don’t any more...”