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Are you getting ready for something challenging?



Whether it's a test, interview, presentation or visit to the dentist, you sometimes have to face situations which you'd rather not.

We'll explore the skills of top athletes and performers, for getting ready comfortably, and giving it your absolute best


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"Before my session with Sue I absolutely dreaded the thought of giving presentations. I would be so nervous I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat for weeks before. Now I prepare my presentation and when I am happy with the final product, don't think about it again until walking into the room on the day. I actually enjoyed my last one and look forward to the next!" Charlotte, Liverpool

“My son had worked very hard to prepare for his Black Belt.  He knew everything he needed, but each time he went into a mock exam, he went to pieces.  In one session, Sue taught him to switch off the stress, and how to mentally rehearse the whole exam going exactly as he wanted. Not only did he ace the exam, he did so well that he was 1 of only 25 kids selected from across the country to compete in London a few months later."  Steve, Wirral