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5 Minute Mind Makeover - Think Slim, Set your Satnav

Welcome to the first of your 5 Minute Mind Makeovers - Think Slim – how to change your relationship with food, so that you can lose weight without dieting.  It might sound too good to be true; particularly with so many spurious claims out there about miracle foods and methods.  But your body does know exactly what it needs; and when you re-learn how to listen to your body, to strip away the habits you’ve formed, and social conditioning you’ve experienced, you can get comfortably back in balance with those needs.

The first thing to do is to set your mental satnav, aligning all parts of your thinking (especially those outside your conscious awareness), towards what you really want.  Most of your thinking goes on outside your awareness – this is where habits dwell, and other unhelpful routines.  Even if they take us in the opposite direction to our desires, they trundle along automatically until we hack into the code, and change them.  And that’s what the skills of the 5 Minute Mind Makeovers will enable you to do.

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