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5 Minute Mind Makeover - Think Slim, Adjust Body's Signals

Welcome to the third of your 5 Minute Mind Makeovers - Think Slim – how to change your relationship with food, so that you can lose weight without dieting, by getting comfortably back in balance with what your body needs.

Having used the previous Think Slim Mind Makeovers to set your mental satnav towards what you really want; and to eat consciously, focusing your full attention on enjoying every morsel - you might have noticed that sometimes your body's signals on when you're genuinely hungry, and comfortably full, are less clear than you'd like them to be. 

These signals are important guidance towards good choices, so in this 5 Minute Mind makeover, I'll share with you how to fine tune the signals, so they come clearly into your awareness, guiding you back into healthy balance with your body's needs.

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As a reminder, here's your step-by-step guide

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