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5 Minute Mind Makeover - Change Dialogue

Welcome to this brand new 5 Minute Mind Makeover - Change your Dialogue; showing you how to change the way you talk to yourself in your mind.

In many situations like worry or heightened anxiety, how you talk to yourself hugely affects how you feel.  If you find yourself experiencing low confidence, or being self critical, that’s probably mostly to do with how you talk to yourself too.  It might be that you’ve learned to suppress it enough that it doesn’t always reach your awareness; but by grumbling away underneath, it’s still affecting your physiology and emotional response.

Maybe you talk yourself out of things you’d really like to do; or beat yourself up after a conversation that didn’t go so well:  Recognising the internal dialogue’s not making any helpful contribution isn’t enough to stop it, or its effects in making you feel bad.  It might simply be that there’s too much mind chat,  and you’d like to be able to quieten it down and focus on one thing at a time;  or sleep more restfully.

Luckily, with the skills of a 5 Minute Mind Makeover it's simply five to fix.

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Enjoy your new thinking skills

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