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Whatever you want to change, whether it’s get-over or get-to, I can make it easier and more effective.  I combine a variety of proven techniques including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), Hypnosis and Life Coaching, in a blend tailored exactly to you.

This is not therapy or counselling.  These approaches are used by some of the worlds' most successful people, allowing them to think differently, and excel.  You can learn the skills you need to achieve your aims in as little as one session, making it an affordable option to fast-track what you want. 

There’s no need to delve into history - we’ll be working more on the process of your thinking than on the content, so you decide what you’re comfortable sharing.

You won’t be doing any involved self-analysis - ‘why’ is very rarely asked; and there’s no facing your fears or anxiety head-on.  The skills you’ll learn are highly practical, adaptable; and much easier than most people expect. And because you learn them at your own pace, and tailor them as you go to what works best for you, they’re yours for life.

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