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What's Havening?

A traumatic or highly stressful event can become hard-wired into the neurology, significantly impacting daily life. Even original events which were far from life-threatening can become accidentally encoded:  Something as simple as being stuck in a lift can cause on-going fear and avoiding all confined spaces.  However, recent neuroscientific research has shown how to modify this encoding.

Havening, so called from a haven as a safe place, originally began in the scientific study of Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy (TFT):  This uses tapping on acupuncture points, to de-code a memory or event’s ability to trigger the body’s fight-or-flight response; and numerous studies have confirmed its effectiveness in eliminating post-traumatic disorders, including phobias

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Havening’s originator, Dr Ron Ruden is a physician with a PhD in Organic Chemistry, who began researching tapping’s effects on neurobiology.  Havening was built from his experimentation with numerous formulations, with thousands of patients.  It’s astoundingly effective, despite involving neither medication, nor prolonged exposure to the original traumatising event

Havening uses a combination of light touch (which you can apply yourself, if you prefer), eye movement and distraction; designed to change the brain, de-traumatising the memory and permanently removing its negative physical and psychological effects.  And trauma isn't the only response it can de-code – I’ve used it to switch off responses as diverse as jealousy, anger, fear, self-doubt and food cravings.  I'm thrilled to be amongst the first 30 in the UK to qualify as a Havening Practitioner.

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